Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 31, 2012

This post ends 3 months of my blog.  I can't believe it!

Today was an interesting day. It started off with my waking up at 6:58 am thinking someone was knocking on the door and running downstairs only to find that it was just in my dream. Then at 9 I had the inspector come and check out my old car so that I can turn it in. What should have lasted 10 minutes lasted an hour because the guy and I had a really long conversation. He was really nice. After he left and we ate breakfast the kids went up for a nap. Then we ate some lunch and went to turn in my car with Audra. I got Kelly pretty good with an early April Fools joke. I told him that we owed $2000 on my old car. He totally bought it. Sucker :-D

After I turned the car in, Audra, the kids, and I hit up Barnes and Noble so that I could buy a couple of books on speech delays and early intervention games. We went back to her house and hung out for a while. Apparently Bailey is terrified of Jackson because Jackson keeps chasing him around, barking like a dog, and throwing dog toys at his head. Finally we came back home to have some dinner and take some baths (which is where my pics are from tonight). On one of the message boards I'm on we're doing a weekly photography challenge, and the challenge this week was movement.

Dancing with spaghetti sauce all over his face (don't mind the overly full diaper, that was taken care of right after these two shots):

Jackson decided that Daddy needed a bath too, so he splashed so much that the entire bathroom floor was soaked:

"I'm going to get you for this":

Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30, 2012

We saw the Easter Bunny today!!! Jackson was terrified at first, but we finally were able to get a picture of him and Abby as long as we were in the picture with him. He looks completely bored in the picture, but at least he isn't crying. Abby was pulling on his fur the entire time, and when I lifted her off she tried to pull off his glasses (and almost took his entire head with her!).

Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 29, 2012

Jackson had an evaluation for occupational therapy (OT) today. According to the woman who evaluated him, he qualifies. She said that he exhibits some qualities that makes her believe that he has a sensory processing disorder, and recommended him for OT. At least we are getting the help that he needs and hopefully we will start seeing some improvement soon.

Today I worked a little more on my white balance and sharpness. Admittedly I didn't really feel like taking pictures today because I am upset about Jackson.

After dinner, Kelly was getting a bath ready for Jackson. Jackson (who still had food all over his face) ran into our bedroom and tried to climb on the bed. Kelly snatched him up just in time before he got his dirty hands all over the place. This was his victory face (I love Jackson's face in this pic lol):

Kelly tried to get a high five from Jackson, and instead got bitch slapped:

Daddy kisses:

He looks like he's going to eat him:

I stuck Abby in front of Jackson's mirror and she was having a blast:

Who's that pretty girl?

Love the cheeks!

"Yeah, I know I'm cute":

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012

Jackson and Abigail were so good today. They napped until 1 and then when Kelly got home from work we went to the black hole that is Target. I swear we can go there for one thing and spend big $$$. 

In today's pictures I decided to start focusing on my white balance. I really really really hate it. A lot. I have a lot easier time with it when I'm outdoors, but inside it's very hard because my house is odd colors (orange, yellow, etc.). 

Taken in my bright yellow kitchen during breakfast. Loving the gang signs he's throwing up:

Showing off his chest hair:

Taken in my mustard yellow living room, facing my bright orange dining room:

I just wanted to show how little she is!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27, 2012

Today I decided that I wanted to work on getting my pictures sharper indoors. I was toggling my focus, focusing where I needed to, and even had my aperture set pretty low. I'm happy with the sharpness of the pictures (except for a few at the end). Next I really need to work on my white balance.

These pictures aren't as in focus as I would like but her faces in them were too cute not to share:

This is her "I'm Sexy and I Know it" face:

This is her "I just pooped" face:

Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

Jackson had early intervention today. We decided that he needs to be evaluated by an occupational therapist. Peg (his developmental therapist) said that she doesn't think he'll qualify for occupational therapy, but she'd rather be safe than sorry. I hope that he either barely qualifies, or he is nowhere near qualifying. I don't want him in some purgatory of "well he's behind so he could probably use OT but he isn't far enough behind that the state will pay for it".

As usual, the kids were awesome today. They both went down for a nap after Peg left, and I got some shots of them as they woke up.

Jackson's making a weird face in this one:


One of the bushes in front of the house is starting to bloom:

So Kelly was making dinner and supposedly watching Jackson while I fed Abigail in the living room. He turns around to find Jackson sitting in his chair, eating a plum from the fruit basket that was on the table. I'm just happy his facial muscles were strong enough that he could take bites! Sneaky boy!!!

He was done with the plum but wanted to save it for later so he put it in his snack cup:

Kelly took these pictures for me on my point and shoot when I was out doing some retail therapy: