Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

Today was a wonderful day! I am so happy that my friend who is pregnant (I son't want to name her on here because I'm not sure if she's told everyone yet) asked me to do her newborn photos!!! I am so completely honored and flattered!!! I've spent the night looking up different newborn poses and I'm going to learn all that I can on how to take pics of newborns since I've never done it before.

Also, in case you didn't know, today is World Autism Day. If you get a chance, please donate. On March 29, the CDC stated that it's new estimate of Autism is that it now affects 1 in 88 children. That's an astonishing and devastating number. Please visit Autism Speaks to learn more and donate!

And now for some pictures:

He loves to scream!

Kelly says Jackson looks "fabulous" in this picture (if you catch my drift):

Her eyes  were so green today!!!

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