Monday, April 9, 2012

April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!! The Easter bunny came this morning and brought Jackson and Abigail some loot. Of course, Abby doesn't really get the whole Easter bunny thing, and she didn't really need anything, so she got Peeps because I love them and macarrons because they were left over from Passover lol.

Jackson loves Peeps also!

She did love her bunny:

Aunt Heidi holding Abigail:

The boys playing with sidewalk chalk:

London (who is such a ham for the camera!!!)


Cousins!!! Everett and Jackson playing with Quinn:

A close up of Everett:

Declan with crazy hair!

Feeding the ducks at the park. I swear I didn't photoshop that bread!

These ducks were fighting:

Abby stayed in her stroller because it was kind of chilly out. She had a big smile on her face as usual:

Shelley on the swings with Jackson:

Declan and Jackson:

I told you London was a ham!

Brothers Kelly and Chris. Chris just smelled Jackson's stinky shoe lol:

London went up to me and said "Aunt Danielle - take my picture like this!" and posed hahahaha:

Doesn't Heidi look pretty here? I love her hair curly!

Jackson looked at me, waved bye-bye, and ran off! Punk!!!

All four cousins took a bath in Grammy Shelley's tub that has the jets...

...which Jackson and Declan hated!!!

Thanks Heidi and Chris for letting me post pics of the boys!!!

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