Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

Jackson had a progress summary done today during his early intervention session. His developmental intervention specialist says that he is only at a 12 month level for expressive speech :( It's so sad because we work so hard with him and yet he doesn't have any real words. Apparently the sounds he makes in place of words (like "tuh" for truck or "oh" for open) don't really count. Because he is so low with his speech, she thinks that he will definitely qualify to be seen twice a week. The good news is that he has shown some progress in most other areas (such as receptive speech, etc.) but because he has made progress he is at a weird grey area where he is still behind but not behind enough to qualify for services with those areas. I guess I'd rather him be there than needing the services.

Something I noticed with my photography: besides the obvious fact that I need a lot of work on my editing skills, I need a better space to take pictures. When I was taking pictures in my ghetto fabulous "studio" (you know, the white shower curtain taped to the wall in my foyer), I noticed that I really can't move from the position I'm in because I've got nowhere to go. It's times like this that I wish I had a basement!!!

In this picture you can see that Jackson has a slight tongue tie (see how the tip of his tongue makes the top of a heart?):

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