Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012

Jackson and Abigail were so good today. They napped until 1 and then when Kelly got home from work we went to the black hole that is Target. I swear we can go there for one thing and spend big $$$. 

In today's pictures I decided to start focusing on my white balance. I really really really hate it. A lot. I have a lot easier time with it when I'm outdoors, but inside it's very hard because my house is odd colors (orange, yellow, etc.). 

Taken in my bright yellow kitchen during breakfast. Loving the gang signs he's throwing up:

Showing off his chest hair:

Taken in my mustard yellow living room, facing my bright orange dining room:

I just wanted to show how little she is!!!


  1. She is eensy weensy! So cute I especially love the one of Jackson showing his "chest hair'! He looks like he is about to pull a clark kent and turn into superman!

  2. LOL thanks :) I totally need to get him a Superman outfit and some nerdy glasses. I think he can pull it off!!! And she is such a little munchkin - I love it!!!!!