Friday, February 10, 2012

February 10, 2012

I am pretty sure it's too early, but I think Abby may be teething. She has been crying all day and sticking her hands in her mouth and drooling. She's only 3 months old! I'm not ready for teeth yet!!! Jackson was surprisingly good today - he hardly threw anything and he even sat with me on the couch to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Usually getting him to sit next to me is next to impossible, so great success!!! (said in my best Borat impression).

I've learned today to be careful what you wish for. This morning as I was getting Abigail dressed, I was thinking to myself "Hmm. I don't remember if she had a dirty diaper yesterday. I hope she has one today and that she's not getting sick". Sure enough, 3 hours later she craps through EVERYTHING. Her diaper, onesie, ruffle butt pants, and even her car seat. It truly is amazing how so much can come out of someone so little. The following pictures are of her in her diaper because I had to throw her clothes in the washer and she looked so cute in just the diaper.

My little boy is starting to really take an interest in musical instruments (like his mama!!!). Today he decided he wanted to play the piano.

I made Audra and Carlee model for me. No reason why, really. I just felt like it.

How you can usually find my brother Scott (or my father for that matter) - on the phone:

Jackson being tortured by his two Aunts:

I told you Abigail was cranky!

I've been noticing that the more pictures I take, the less time I have to spend editing because I'm getting things like white balance right the first time. It's a big time saver!!!

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