Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 21, 2012

I got my cast off!!! Woohoo!!!

My ankle is still hurting and is definitely more swollen than the other one, but at least I can drive starting next week. The doctor said that I need hardcore physical therapy, so after my appointment I went next door to where they do PT (I've been there before) and the therapist couldn't believe I broke what I did. Apparently the bones I broke are hard to break. I'm hoping to be able to be healed enough to wear heels to the wedding I'm going to next month, but that may be a little ambitious (seeing as I can't even really bend my foot right now).

Shelley came back up today because we took her to her belated Christmas present - a trip to see Georgetown play Seton Hall at the Prudential Center. Shelley has been a Georgetown fan for the past 30 years (ever since her sister went to college there), and I got my Master's degree from Seton Hall. It was a fun time! I was happy that Seton Hall won, but Shelley and Kelly weren't. Sorry guys!!!

I didn't want to bring my T2i to the game, so I took the pics on my handy dandy Sony Cyber-Shot WX9.

Apparently the men's swim team came - in their Speedos.

Tonto! Jump on it!!!

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