Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012

I learned a lesson today: Always Google yourself.

I just happened to perform a Google search on myself today for the hell of it. Turns out someone bought a domain name IN MY NAME. The girl who bought it is also a musician. I am in no way associated with this girl. However, it makes me wonder if, when turning in resumes for music teaching jobs, my prospective employers would do a Google search of my name and this would turn up. The girl who owns the domain doesn't exactly portray what a school district is looking for in a teacher. I hope that this coincidence isn't going to make me look bad (and I wonder if it already did).

They always told me in college to Google myself to see what turns up because you wanted to make sure you didn't put any embarrassing things out there that could haunt you later. They never told me that I would have to worry about other people I've never met putting embarrassing things out there. I'm pretty sure I can't do anything about this chick owning a domain name since we share the same name. I think my only choices are to

a) Put "Not associated with" on my resume
b) Go by my maiden name when applying for jobs

I should call my college and ask their input on this situation. I can't be the only person that this has happened to.

Today I decided to do a little Spring cleaning since February has been a ridiculously warm month. I got rid of a ton of clothes and shoes - it looks like I own no clothing now!!!

We finally hung up the chandelier wall decal in Abigail's nursery. We are also going to get frames and hang up pictures of vintage Barbie drawings. The white dots in the picture are the little stick-on crystals that came with the wall decal.

Jackson just got out of the bath and is getting ready for bed. He really does have the most amazing blue eyes:

Looking proudly onto his toothbrush:

Blowing raspberries on Abby's belly:

Such a happy little girl:

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