Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012

Um, yeah. This about sums up my day:

I'm wondering what I did to piss Jackson off. This picture should have been my warning that he was going to be a little baby terrorist today. Check out his pissed off look:

I can handle the tantrums. I can handle the whining. I can even handle him throwing stuff. What I couldn't handle was when I was breastfeeding Abby and he decided to sit on the floor and play with the charger to my mom's computer. I unlatched Abby and went to pick him up. He then decided that he wanted the Weight Watchers shake that I was drinking (and only had about 3 sips of), so he reached down and SPILLED IT all over - my Ugg (singular since I can only wear one shoe because of the cast), my camera bag, the diaper bag, the floor, and a bag full of about 20 clean diapers. SOAKED. That, on top of the tantrums, whining, and throwing stuff, is how I spent the majority of the day. Terrorist, I tell you!!!

Here he is being cute. But I know better!!!

Abby is really loving laying on the ground and moving around. It's fun to watch!


Her hair is starting to get long:

I love her kissable cheeks:

Her Valentine's Day outfit:

Remember how I said yesterday that I wish that we had snow? Wish granted!!!

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  1. Great pictures! I hope Jackson is better for you today.