Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9, 2012

I wanted to give a really quick shout out to my friend Tessa. She writes an awesome blog called Tales of Two Girls. She says, "I married my high school sweetheart {insert awww here} and am the momma to 2 adorable little girls. In my infinite knowledge of motherhood that I've accumulatd in the last three years, I've learned that it's a tollder's world, and we're just living in it." Go visit her blog! She does give aways! Her button is in my sidebar, or you can go here:


I am beginning to think that motherhood is a test of my patience. Jackson has definitely hit the terrible twos, and so far I have been the main target of his wrath. This morning started with him screaming bloody murder at 6:45. Keep in mind that even Abigail was still sleeping. Then when my dad picked us up, he had to run in the grocery store to pick up breakfast. Jackson SCREAMED the entire time he was in the store. He also took his shoes off and threw them at me. And his hat. And his stuffed animal. As I am writing this he is throwing his mega blocks at me. He also just tried to sit in Abby's bouncer while she was sleeping in it (she's not sleeping anymore though).

I went to take some pictures of Jackson and Abigail today, but my memory card was full!!! I had to upload all of my pictures to my computer and erase the card, so sorry but no pics of Jackson today (I was able to get one in of Abby before I filled up the card). However, I do have pictures from my Mom's Night Out. We made candy and then went for drinks and appetizers at Applebee's. We all had a really good time, and I made some delicious candy that is totally not on Weight Watchers.

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