Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 19, 2012

Today was Abigail's baby naming party, and it was CRAZY! Kelly, Shelley, and I were running around like nuts trying to prepare all of the food and wrangle the kids. I'm so happy I got to see everyone and Jackson and Abigail are so lucky to have so many wonderful people in their lives.

Kelly and Shelly cooking sausage and peppers:

How cute is she?!?

My nephew London:

Carlee, her boyfriend Dan, and my mom:

Kelly's dad's wife Elizabeth:

Adam and Rena holding Abby:


Stephanee, Brian, and their son Nikolas:

My nephew Declan who turned one yesterday:

I have no clue what Kelly just did but it looked like he just shart himself:

Mollie and Declan:



My Dad:

My nephews London and Everett:

Abby was really comfy on Kristen:

Kelly, his dad, and Abby looking scared:

My parents with Jackson and Abby. I love the sequence of events here - Jackson sees Abby, Jackson reaches for Abby, Abby looks at Jackson like "What the eff do you want?!?":

My dad attempted to take a picture of us with my camera but failed. Apparently my camera is too complicated for him:

Kelly's dad acting goofy - and he wasn't even drinking!

My brother's girlfriend Kendra holding Abigail for the first time (she was afraid when Abby was really little):

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