Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7, 2012

C'mon winter - where are you??? It was unseasonably warm again, so we took the kids to the park today. Jackson made a little friend, and I think I freaked his mom out because I was taking pictures of Jackson and she thought I was taking pictures of her kid. Um, it's not like I was the creepy lady with a camera, van, and candy at the park and no kids is sight. I was there with Kelly and both kids.

Abby playing in her crib:

Check out those monkey toes! She can play piano with those things!!!

For some reason my weirdo son likes having water dumped over him during bath time. I think I should sign him up for swim lessons in the spring. I used to swim competitively/teach swimming/lifeguard, so maybe we have something in common (which is good because he doesn't look anything like me):

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