Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10, 2012

Today I had a great time taking pictures of the kids. They were really smiley and fun!!! Looking back at my pictures, I realize that while they may not be great, I think they capture the moment well. I can look back at them and remember exactly how I was feeling, and that's why I want to learn to take good pictures. It's almost bittersweet looking back at my pictures. Jackson is getting SO big. Abby, who is only 10 weeks old, looks completely different from what she looked like when she was born. No matter how big they get though, they will always be this age in my eyes.

In this picture, Jackson isn't hitting Abigail. Instead, he's "making nice" by rubbing her head.

This is my sister Audra with her baby, Marcus Hopsin (named after her favorite rapper) from her Child Development class. It cries every three hours and is pretty much the most annoying thing ever. I'm kind of loving the fact that she says that everyone stares at her like she should be on an episode of "16 and Pregnant". She and her friend MacKenzie were driving to Starbucks today and Audra had Marcus on her lap in the front seat (MacKenzie was driving), and MacKenzie actually got pulled over because the cop saw the baby on Audra's lap and thought it was a real baby!!! Good for the cop doing his job, even though I bet he felt like an idiot! LOL!!!

Marcus is dressed in 0-3 Months clothing - the same as Abigail. Marcus, however, weighs about 10 lbs more than Abby.

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