Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012

If one good thing has come from me being in a cast, it's that I'm being forced to learn to take photographs as creatively as possible. It's no small task taking pictures of babies and dogs from a couch. I feel bad because my son is such an active 20 month old that I'm hardly getting any pictures of him. I just can't chase him like I usually do. Abigail, on the other hand, is an easy subject because she doesn't move. However, with her I'm having a hard time getting the right angle because the choices have been to either put her on the ground, on the couch, or in a lap. Not too exciting. Here are my pictures from today:

This is my parents' dog Bailey Kramer. He's a Toy American Eskimo - Shih Tzu mix (i.e. a Shishkimo).

Abby was surprisingly happy today considering that she was a little baby terrorist last night and made Kelly walk with her for about an hour.

Here's my lovely Robocop boot that I'll be sporting for the next 4+ weeks. It's high fashion if you ask me. I wonder if I can still go skiing this winter? I just need to get some bindings for the cast and I'm set!

Finally, here's a pic of Abby just getting out of the bath. My poor baby girl is frozen!!!

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