Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20, 2012

I'm so excited because I got to go out for hibachi tonight! I joined a MOMS Club before Abby was born and with the exception of one meeting I haven't been able to take part in any activities. First I was put on bed rest because I was pregnant and having some issues, then Abby was born so I figured I would start doing stuff with them come January. Then my ankle broke so any activity I wanted to do was shot because I couldn't drive anywhere. I mentioned to a member how I can't wait to get involved but it would have to wait until my ankle was healed, and before I knew it I was on the list to receive meals and I'm being driven to dinner tonight for Mom's Night Out. It was my first time out to dinner with just women since October 2010 - as pathetic as that is. I had such a good time and I can't wait to do more activities!

I didn't take many pictures today because Jackson was running me ragged. He was ridiculously cranky and only took a 45 minute nap. When we got home he started throwing a tantrum so I put him up for another nap. When he woke up, he screamed for 30 minutes straight, so then he became Kelly's problem. I hope he's feeling OK - he still has a runny nose.

This is how I found Jackson in his crib this morning. The little Houdini somehow managed to get one arm entirely out of his pajamas without unzippering them.

Poor Kelly didn't feel well when he got home from school. He picked me up at my parent's house and this is what he did while I got the kids ready to go:

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  1. Lol at the pic of Jackson! I would be dead if I posted a pic of Will like that hahaha.