Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7, 2012

Today we celebrated Kelly's father Bub's retirement from Binney & Smith, where he worked making markers for Crayola. We drove out to his house in Pennsylvania to go to a party hosted by his wife Elizabeth. It's always so surreal driving out there because they live in the middle of nowhere, unlike NJ where you are always in the middle of everything. 

Here is Bub playing with his new camera. I'm so excited he isn't using a film camera anymore. Next stop...a computer!!!:

(L-R) My nephew Declan, Jackson, and my nephew Everett:

Everett chowing down on the only thing he wanted for dinner...a cookie haha!:

Jackson jumping on the trampoline:

Jackson and Declan:

Kelly's sister Mollie holding Abigail:

Kelly and Abby:

Kelly's Aunt Cheryl holding Declan:

My nephew London:

I'd like to title this picture the "Oh crap who the hell are these boys?!?" picture of Abby, London, and Everett:

This picture of Abby isn't great because I was at a weird angle and the lighting sucked, but I love her outfit and had to take it:

My two sister-in-laws (or is it sisters-in-law???) Mollie and Heidi:

Kelly's brother Chris and Declan:

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