Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

OMG what a day! I should have known from breakfast that the kids were going to be tiny terrorists. It was insane! Abby still doesn't feel well, so she was crying most of the day and made me walk around with her (if I sat down she would cry). That's always fun with a broken ankle. Jackson thought it would be fun to open and close and open and close and open and close every door he came across. For his birthday I'm not getting him toys because he's not going to play with them. I'm getting a latch so he can't open and close the doors anymore. Thankfully I had a reprieve - going to photo class. It was nice to get away, even if it were only for a couple of hours. I wish there were more classes - today was the last one.

Abby fell asleep in her car seat and her hat fell over her eyes:

This picture was taken during breakfast. I should have realized then and there that the rest of the day was going to go downhill lol.

When I ask Jackson how to give kisses, he puckers up!!!

This kid has one set of lungs on him. I wish he would talk instead of just scream though.

Cue morning meltdown:

Abby can make any outfit look good - even this one:

Jackson playing with Bailey (too cute!!!)

Jackson and his "Woman - stop taking pictures of me" look:

Watching some kids play hockey in the street:

Melissa in photo class. I had another picture that was AWESOME but she wouldn't let me put it up:

Melissa's cousin Karissa. I was playing with a new lens and decided to make her my subject:

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