Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012

Today was so much fun! Jackson, Abby, and I went to a "welcome tea" for my mom's group. I got to meet a lot of great ladies and their adorable kids, and they let me take pictures of them! I had a lot of fun practicing my photography, as hard as it was with the cast on. My ankle is a mess right now after all the running around (and then running to Kohl's afterwards to spend my Kohl's Cash before it expires lol).

Why is it that every time I get a little form of money, be it cash, a gift card, a coupon, or Kohl's Cash, that I spend it on the kids? Abby and Jack each got a bunch of clothes today, and Kelly and I each got a sweater. Oh wait - I lied. Kelly got two sweaters. Big spender. One day someone is going to have to take me shopping and beat me if I suggest going into Baby Gap or Carters. I'm still wearing some maternity shirts! And for once, it's not because they are big, but because I have no clothes!!!

Jackson and his Zoolander pose:


Oh, I forgot to mention my new favorite toy. It's a sling from Hotslings. I put Abby in it tonight and she went from crying mess to sleeping lump in 0.2 seconds. Yay for baby wearing!!!

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