Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012

Jackson was never a thumb sucker (although sometimes I wish he was because I think it's cute). Abby, on the other hand, discovered today that she has fingers and she likes to put them in her mouth. I guess we have a thumb sucker on our hands!!! 

Jackson has been attempting to say a lot more words lately, which is making me *really* happy. Yesterday, when my father was bringing him through the garage and into the house, he said "car" without any prompting. Today, I told him to say "bye" to Grandpa, and not only did he say "bye", but he waved as well! He calls Abby "Ba" (I'm not sure if that stands for "baby" or "Abby", but I'll take it), he calls Grandpa "Pa", and now when I ask him what a baby does, he goes "Wahhhh" (like a cry). It's so cute!!!

Here he is playing with his annoying cookie jar. I swear that thing will be getting laryngitis very soon.

My Little:

Some sibling love:

And of course love for his chipmunk:

Waiting for Daddy to come home from work:

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